Have you Checked your Tank Lately?

Warren Zirk of Rene’s Septic Tank Cleaning serves the west side of the Winnipeg River.

It’s a gorgeous summer weekend at the lake, and you’re enjoying the day with friends. The beer is cold, the steaks are on the grill, and everyone is looking forward to getting out in the boat after dinner for some great fishing.

Then it happens. Someone says the toilet won’t flush. The colour drains from your face as you realize you forgot to have the sewer tank pumped before your company arrived. When was it last pumped, anyway? Continue reading “Have you Checked your Tank Lately?”

He Made our Fireworks What They are Today

He Made our Fireworks What They are Today

For Bob Lesko, Lac du Bonnet’s annual Canada Day fireworks display was a true passion. Bob served as the fireworks coordinator for the Lac du Bonnet Lions Club for over 30 years. Sadly, he passed away in February at the age of 77, leaving behind him a legacy that every year draws thousands of people to the town dock to witness what’s become known as one of the best Canada Day weekend fireworks displays in the country. Continue reading “He Made our Fireworks What They are Today”