4 Questions with Cam Harland

4 Questions with Cam Harland

A 2019 Lac du Bonnet region real estate market outlook.

Cam Harland took over John Angus Realty from the business’s namesake two years ago. Harland now runs the business along with fellow broker Kevin Edwards. Continue reading “4 Questions with Cam Harland”


Don’t Let Injury Spoil Your Leisure Time

The staff of Lac du Bonnet Physiotherapy — Tyson Kustiak (physiotherapist), Quinn Grose (massage therapist) and Joe Caldwell (physiotherapist).

Some simple tips can help you have fun and stay pain-free at home or the cottage in 2019.

The staff at Lac du Bonnet Physiotherapy hope everyone has a fun, adventurous and safe summer. Some tips to reduce your chances of injury are:

  1. A proper warm-up: Prior to performing any activity that increases your resting levels (heart rate, muscle activity etc.) a warm-up should be conducted with a variety of activity specific movements and stretches.
  2. Choosing the right footwear: There are a variety of different types of footwear that should be considered with different outdoor activities (hiking, walking, running, etc.)
  3. Taking breaks: Many injuries occur from doing too much, too fast. Listen to your body.
  4. Avoid Strenuous Postures: For example, use a ladder to avoid prolonged overhead movements, sit on a small stool to garden, rather than bending for long periods of time.
  5. Engage in a general strengthening program: Staying strong has been proven to reduce injury risk.

Any questions? See how physiotherapy can help you!