One of the Great Ones

Lac du Bonnet’s own Frank Hanton was recently saluted by Don Cherry for his hockey prowess and military accomplishments.Scan0002[7434]

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Summertime Tips for Enjoying the Perfect Barbecue


Lac du Bonnet’s Tim Aitken (left) and Brad Behin know a few things about barbecue.

Tim Aitken of Lac du Bonnet and Brad Behin are a couple of enthusiastic barbecue experts. See for more info on the art of barbecuing!

Barbecuing vs. Grilling: What’s the Difference? We often use the terms barbecuing and grilling interchangeably, but in fact they are two distinct styles of cooking outdoors.  Barbecue is done using indirect heat with wood smoke either from a wood fire or wood chips. Grilling is done over a high heat source. Continue reading

Volunteers Keep Trails in Tip-Top Shape


There’s a new groomer in town making sure many of our region’s snowmobile trails are kept in tip-top shape for the winter months. The Eastman SnoPALS are the proud owners of a Prinoth Husky they recently acquired and now keep at their Seven Sisters facility. It’s a lighter-weight machine that has many advantages over the club’s old one — a farm tractor that had been converted with tracks to serve as a snow groomer. Continue reading