Building a Foundation? Here’s an Ideal Solution

Building a Foundation? Here’s an Ideal Solution

Émile Desrochers

Techno Metal Post makes life simple and guarantees peace of mind. Whether building a cottage, securing the foundation of an existing one, adding an extension to a summer residence, or simply building a deck, Techno Metal Post is the ideal solution.

A secure, solid, and durable foundation is an absolute must, especially if a structure is built on waterfront. The shorelines of lakes and rivers are often characterized by unstable and loose soil that is more vulnerable to movements. A foundation on helical piles is the best way to counter these shifts.

As well, an environmentally sustainable foundation is more important than ever before. Techno Metal Post’s high-quality equipment, materials, and installation process are of the highest quality and are designed to have the least impact on flora and fauna. Their piles are strong, resistant, and environmentally friendly. The use of helical piles produces far less pollution than concrete and has little impact on the environment, and Techno Metal Post’s helical piles are certified and proven to be durable.

They are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards, ensuring they can withstand the heaviest loads and conditions possible. With their exclusive green sleeve, foundations are guaranteed not to move during frost/thaw cycles. Therefore, whatever the soil composition, and regardless of its freezing and thawing, a foundation on helical piles prevents all movement.

Techno Metal Post’s installation process is quick and gentle on the environment. Their specialized and compact installation equipment can access many terrains, making it easy to install piles in narrow, uneven, or difficult-to-access areas without any disruption to property or existing landscaping. The machinery does not damage the surrounding area, nor does it produce vibrations or noise, and it runs on biofuel.

Techno Metal Post installers are trained to respect every aspect of the ecosystem, whether it is a forest, waterfront, or backyard. Techno Metal Post’s technology will ensure cottages, additions, decks, and other structure are sustainable and keep their value over the course of time.

Techno Metal Post remains the ideal solution for strong, stable, and long-lasting foundations. For info visit

—Émile Desrochers is a Manitoba-based dealer for Techno Metal Post

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