Why Lac du Bonnet is Kris Ulrich’s Golden Town

Why Lac du Bonnet is Kris Ulrich’s Golden Town

You’ve got to chase your own dream. This is a realization Lac du Bonnet’s Kris Ulrich is settling into.

After years spent backing many of Canada’s finest artists (Jess Moskaluke, Del Barber, Deric Ruttan), the singer/songwriter/guitarist is setting out to carve his own path with an Americana steeped, guitar-driven sound. Drawing comparisons to Jason Isbell, Jackson Browne, and Ryan Adams, his songs deliver a lyrical honesty and exciting sonic offerings.

In late 2017 he released a five-song EP Moonshine, which touches on his upbringing in the Lac du Bonnet region, where he graduated from Lac du Bonnet Senior School. The song “Whiskey in the Piano” references his grandparents, who lived in Whitemouth.

He’s set to release his first full-length album, Golden Town. Two singles have been released — “Fake It Like That” and “Montana”. It was recorded in Winnipeg, where the 26-year-old now lives, with a band of talented backing musicians who helped bring his sound to life.

“The new record is a lot more introspective and looks at life as someone who’s away touring for four or five months out of the year and how it affects your life at home, and how that shapes your view,” he says.

With a guitar around his neck since the age of 10, Ulrich looks and sounds right at home on the stage — bringing a star quality confidence learned as a hired gun for award-winning artists. He credits Lac du Bonnet music teachers D’Arcy McLean, David Westdal and Shawn Keith with getting him on the road to building a career in music. Between performing his own tunes, playing in other people’s bands, and even performing in theatre productions (he acted in the Manitoba Theatre Centre’s production of Million Dollar Quartet last year), he keeps a busy and varied schedule — something he says modern musicians need to do to succeed.

“The internet is a great means of getting your music out there, but there’s a lot of it out there. These days, you need to keep an open mind as a musician and be open to being diverse if you want to succeed and get noticed,” he says. For more info on Kris Ulrich, visit krisulrich.com or follow him on Facebook.

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