Walking on the Wild Side with Daryl Woodbeck

Walking on the Wild Side with Daryl Woodbeck

Daryl Woodbeck is a cast member of the Pinawa Players’ upcoming production Bedside Manners, taking place Nov. 21-24. Written by Derek Benfield, the farce follows a man named Ferris, who reluctantly agrees to look after his sister’s seedy country inn while she’s on vacation. But Ferris did not anticipate all the wild comings-and-goings involving her affairs! Over the course of his house-sitting, Ferris becomes engulfed in lies, confusions, and bewilderments as he tries to prevent the inevitable meetings of husbands, wives, and lovers in assorted compromising situations.

How long have you been with the Players?

I have been with the Player’s for about 34 years. In that time I have acted in over 15 plays — The Nerd, The Melville Boys, Crossing the Bar, Louis and Dave, The Dining Room, Lovers, Sinners, Leading Ladies, Mr. Flannery’s Ocean, On Golden Pond, Lafferty’s Wake, Lend Me a Tenor, The Dumbwaiter, Betrayal, Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak, Here on The Flight Path, Sin, Sex and the CIA, among others. I have directed four plays — I Take This Man, Done to Death, Dixie Swim Club and Moon Over Buffalo.

Why do you act?

What I love most about acting is the adrenaline rush you get from being on stage, the feedback you get from the audience and the bond you form with the other cast and crew throughout the rehearsal process.

What part of your character in Bedside Manners do you identify most with?

My character Geoffrey is someone who is unhappy with his current lot in life and is attempting to take a walk on the wild side, however he discovers that the wild side isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. He is having a hard time taking the walk tentatively, but doesn’t seem to know another way to do it. I think I can sort of identify with him because I think it is human nature to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I also think that I can understand about the being tentative about trying new things, that is a struggle I also face at times. I am having a hard time identifying with his dissatisfaction with his marriage, though.

What’s the best part about a Pinawa Players production?

I really enjoy the hectic pace of these sorts of plays. I love that they are fast-paced and you have to ready with your lines and actions. It helps to keep the energy up when you are performing and helps pull the audience into the play.

Your wife Wanda is the director of Bedside Manners. What’s the best — and worst — part about working with your spouse?

I would have to say that the best part is sharing the time and experience with each other. It helps to keep your passion for performing strong. It is also a wonder for me to watch her realize her vision and impart that passion and love of theatre into others. I would say that the hardest thing is that I sometimes have a different take on how something should be done. I have learned to trust her process and her vision. It is nice that we can discuss the play between rehearsals and I think the collaboration makes for a more well rounded play and a better character for my roles.

This play follows naughty characters doing naughty things. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done that you’ll admit to here on the internet?

I need to check the statute of limitations on a couple of things. What I feel free to admit to in public without legal advice would be my penchant for switching people’s toilet paper rolls from top unrolling to bottom unrolling, or vice versa, particularly if I know it drives them crazy like my friends Myles and Doug. Yeah I know — “wild man”, right?



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