Why Cam Harland Loves the World of Realty


Cam Harland discovered Lac du Bonnet when his family bought a cottage here when he was six. He grew to love it so much that he’s now a full-time resident and recently took over as the proud new owner of John Angus Realty. This past summer formally marked a year since Harland took over the business.

“I love Lac du Bonnet,” he says. “Not only are we a beautiful four seasons playground, but we’re well-known for our strong musical and arts community. It’s a great place to be a realtor. The people I get to meet, the friendships I make and the unique properties I see all the time makes for a wonderful occupation.”

The business’s namesake remains with the company. Whether it was serving in politics as both an MLA and city councillor or working as a real estate broker, John Angus has become a household name in the Lac du Bonnet area, so Harland decided to keep the name in place.

“He leaves us with some big shoes to fill,” says Harland, who is also joined by fellow realtor Kevin Edwards in running the business now. Harland’s family — daughter Kathleen and son Scott — also pitch in.

“Helping people have a good purchase is a good feeling for me,” Harland says.

Although dealing in waterfront properties is a big passion for him, he also specializes in town properties, back lots, commercial land and a lot more. He says available properties in the area are as varied as one can imagine.

“We tend to be known for our great cottaging experience, especially along the river, but we’re really as varied as it comes,” he says. “Not only do we have many listings ourselves, but we also know of people selling privately. We regularly comb the market, including Multiple Listing Services (MLS), private sales and properties not yet listed.”

For more information visit johnangusinfo.com.


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