Do you Know who These Men Are?


Historically, there has been no employer more important to the Eastern Manitoba region than Manitoba Hydro. Brandi Habing recently shared a photo on Facebook showing her grandfather Len and the men he worked with at the McArthur Falls Generating Station back in the day.

“I just love this picture. It looks like a scene from a movie in the 40s!” she says.

Can you identify any of the other men in the photo? If so, message us on Facebook!

Did you know — there are two separate Manitoba Hydro divisions that operate in what is called the Lac du Bonnet Customer Service Centre (CSC). This CSC extends from Berens River south to the TransCanada Highway. The Lac du Bonnet CSC has 40 customer service staff. Staff are responsible for maintaining energy service to customers through electrical and gas distribution systems in the region, and staff is on standby rotation to ensure continuity of service/outage response/system maintenance; customer billing; building new customer service extensions; inspecting new services for compliance to code.

The second Manitoba Hydro division is Generation, which is responsible for the Winnipeg River operations: Pine Falls, Great Falls, McArthur Falls, Pointe du Bois, Slave Falls and Seven Sisters. Manitoba Hydro has 132 staff involved in these operations. That makes 172 staff working in the Lac du Bonnet area.

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