Have you Checked your Tank Lately?

Warren Zirk of Rene’s Septic Tank Cleaning serves the west side of the Winnipeg River.

It’s a gorgeous summer weekend at the lake, and you’re enjoying the day with friends. The beer is cold, the steaks are on the grill, and everyone is looking forward to getting out in the boat after dinner for some great fishing.

Then it happens. Someone says the toilet won’t flush. The colour drains from your face as you realize you forgot to have the sewer tank pumped before your company arrived. When was it last pumped, anyway?

This is a scenario Warren Zirk sees from time to time. As the owner of Rene’s Septic Tank Cleaning Services, he serves homeowners and cottagers on the west side of the Winnipeg River — Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, Whitemouth, Seven Sisters and into the Whiteshell (Eleanor Lake through to Brereton Lake).

“People remember to make sure the propane tank is full, they fill up the beer fridge, they make sure the gas tank in the boat is topped up. The one thing they forget to do is check the sewer tank,” he says. “That’s when the phone rings on a Saturday night and someone’s panicking on the other end of the line because they have a dozen people over for dinner and the tank is full. It kind of puts a damper on their weekend.”

Warren and his wife Chantal have been serving the region west of the river since 2001. In that time, Warren’s pumped out countless septic and holding tanks and made many a local event — be it weddings, festivals and the like — possible by providing portable toilet rentals as well.

For Warren and Chantal, their business is a family affair. Prior to 2001, it was operated by Chantal’s dad, Ray Lansard. What Warren loves most about it is the people.

“It’s a service industry, so it’s all about people. We get to meet so many interesting people, and see so many lakes and great scenery when we drive around. A lot of time when people call, they’re really in need, so it gives you a good feeling to help them out.”

Warren notes that there are numerous Rene’s Septic Tank Cleaning franchises around the province, each serving their own area. If you’re calling from east of the Winnipeg River or another area outside of his boundary, he’ll happily refer you to a Rene’s closer to your location. Although he tries to provide service as fast as possible, he says the best defence against tank problems is to be vigilant and check your tank level.

“When you’re filling up the gas tank and the propane tank and the beer fridge, just give the sewer tank a quick check. We appreciate as much lead time a possible and maybe we can squeeze in a family day out on the river as well,” Warren adds. He can be reached at 204-345-2609 or click the image below.



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