Take a Quick  Tour Down Park

Take a Quick Tour Down Park

Running along the Winnipeg River, it’s the street you head down if you want to get to the town dock, where the annual ice fishing derby takes place. It also allows access to the town’s two banks, two hotels, dental clinic, and a lot more. Needless to say, Park Avenue has changed a lot over the decades. Let’s take a quick trip back in time. Photos courtesy of the Lac du Bonnet and District Historical Society except where noted.

mural on Lakeview south side done by Sheldon Sveinson 1980s photo of Champagne Garage 2

n027Lake View Service Station Mural: If you’ve passed by 57 Park Avenue — the Lakeview Hotel — you’ve noticed the mural painted by Sheldon Sveinson that depicts the old Lake View Service Station, which used to sit where Sunova Credit Union is today. The mural is in disrepair today, but can still be appreciated by passersby.

courtesy Robert and Grace Kost LeVasseur Building home and business 1968


LeVasseur Building: This used to sit where the Park Avenue condominium now stands, next to the town dock area. Built in 1930 by the LeVasseur family, it was a five-bedroom house with an attached business portion. Albert LeVasseur was a butcher. It was known as a butcher shop on wheels, providing service as far away as Seven Sisters Falls. A local doctor had the same service route, and legend has it that residents needing a doctor put a white flag on their front lawn, while those wanting fresh meat put a red flag up. The building eventually became an airline office and housed the first telephone exchange in the community. Pictured here, a view of the LeVasseur building in 1969 looking east from Third Street, and a photo of the old building up close.

Investors Grp 2017 fullpg

One thought on “Take a Quick Tour Down Park

  1. I remember that well didn’t Ingleson own the building in 1969…Solomon’s used to live just north of there…Can’t remember the building across the street from it though ..I know Stan Clarke lived next to it then there was Eddies poor hall and chip stand..


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