Wheeler on the Golf Course

Wheeler on the Golf Course

If you’re a fan of Wheeler in the Morning on 92 CITI-FM, then you’ll have no trouble recognizing Dave Wheeler. The popular morning man has been a fixture on Canadian radio for years, and if you’re an avid golfer, you might end up seeing him on the golf course here in Lac du Bonnet.

Wheeler, who hails from northeastern Alberta, moved to Manitoba 14 years ago, and shortly thereafter discovered the game.

“I fell in love with the courses, and the further I get away from the city, I find there’s more beautiful courses to be had,” he says. “A lot of people in the city suffer from what I call Perimeter-itis, where we think nothing much happens outside the city. Heading up toward Lac du Bonnet and Grand Marais, there’s so many hidden gems I think we forget about sometimes. The bulk of the population is in Winnipeg, but having access to Lac du Bonnet and all these hidden gems is great.”

Wheeler came out to Lac du Bonnet back in March for the Polar Bear Dare, and Discover Lac du Bonnet caught up with him to chat about the game of golf and what attracts him to it.

Dave Wheeler and his wife Candace enjoy a game of golf in Varadero, Cuba.

“It’s a few hours to get out and turn the cell phone off and spend time with friends and my wife. My eldest son has taken to the game. It’s a way to get out and get away from the everyday stuff. A lot of people go the cabin — I like to go to the golf course.”

Two great courses are situated in the RM of Lac du Bonnet. As Lac du Bonnet’s only nine-hole course, Black Bear Golf Course is located just 10 minutes northeast of town along Lee River Road. A par 34 course at over 2,600 yards, Black Bear is a good choice for golfers who want to play a quick round and get some exercise at the same time — it can be easily traversed on foot. It runs along the picturesque Lee River.

Granite Hills Golf Club is located just 20 minutes from Lac du Bonnet. This 18-hole course is situated in the heart of the Canadian Shield and winds along the shores of Lake Lac du Bonnet. All holes boast four sets of tees ranging in yardage from the back, black tees at 7,082 yards to the forward, red tees at 5,428 yards. This championship-calibre golf course is challenging but fair playing, and will accommodate golfers of all skill levels. Wheeler admits he’s no pro, but is proud of his performance on the course.

“I have a hard time breaking 80. I’ve hit the 70s a few times, but I’m a bogey golfer. I do have two hole-in-ones on my career docket, though,” he says with a laugh.

So what are his tips for a fun game of golf? “Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember, you’re not good enough to get angry.”

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