Shoe Polish Box Yields Major Memories

Shoe Polish Box Yields Major Memories

Beausejour museum discovery shows what life was like in our region in days past.

A recent donation of an old shoe polish box to the Pioneer Village Museum in Beausejour has unearthed some surprising Lac du Bonnet history. The old metal tin contained over 200 negatives of photos taken in the early 20th centery, when much of the region was still being developed.

16142258_1369221653098346_3955076879812357798_nThe museum has been posting the photos on its Facebook page in the hopes that the people and places depicted in them can be identified. “We’ve had a really good response since the story first broke,” says Trevor Proutt, chair of the Broken-Beau Historical Society and the Pioneer Village Museum.

16179727_1375126342507877_2527899305566754582_o“We didn’t expect it to go as far as it did. We started posting them on Facebook and the response has been fantastic.”

The Winnipeg River and Lee River bridges are depicted in two of the photos. Another depicts construction of the Slave Falls hydro dam. Others depict workers at lumber camps, which could very well have been taken in the Lac du Bonnet region.

To view the photos go to The museum welcomes any and all information.

“Most of our messages on this have come through Facebook. I met a couple just today who don’t use Facebook, so I started showing them on my phone and they recognized some of the scenes depicted in the photos. It’s a great tool and we have more digging to do yet,” Proutt adds.

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