Enter the World of Virtual Real Estate Tours

Enter the World of Virtual Real Estate Tours

Remember the days when you had to leave your house to view a real estate property? Thanks to Evergreen Realty’s Stacey Harron, you can now take a virtual 3D tour of houses and cottages for sale in our region. Continue reading “Enter the World of Virtual Real Estate Tours”

Bob Izumi’s Tips for Great Fishing

Bob Izumi’s Tips for Great Fishing

Bob Izumi, first featured by Discover Lac du Bonnet in 2014, is no stranger to fishing in our region. Over the years he’s fished the Winnipeg River as well as the Whiteshell Provincial Park. He’s the host of Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show which airs on Global, Sportsman Canada and the World Fishing Network. He also has his own fishing magazine and nationally-syndicated radio show. He does all this when he’s not making a living fishing in tournaments in Canada and south of the border. Here’s some great tips directly from Bob that just about any angler can use. For more tips visit realfishing.com!

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How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

A landscaping expert offers advice for ensuring your lawn is the best-looking on the block.

Keith Kurian knows a thing or two about lawn maintenance. As owner of Green Inspirations Landscaping, he offer some tips on how to keep your grass looking great.

My mower allows me to adjust the height. How do I know what height to use?

All too often we like to cut our grass nice and short because it looks more manicured and feels like we don’t have to cut it as often, but in reality, it is hard on the grass. We should be keeping the height of our grass between 2.5 to 3 inches and try and cut off about a half an inch when we mow. Keeping our grass longer has a number of benefits including greater draught tolerance and less brown grass during dry periods, longer grass tends to choke out weeds, and it also gives it a lusher, greener look.

Anytime I’m at the garden store I see lots of fertilizer and grass seed. Should I be using those?

Using a quality, slow release fertilizer helps your lawn by slowly releasing nitrogen into the lawn for up to 14 weeks, which helps the grass become more dense and greener. It also makes the grass less susceptible to diseases, which keeps your lawn healthier. As far as seed goes, a technique called over-seeding involves applying a quality, all-purpose seed over your existing lawn. This helps fill in bare areas as well as thickening up the entire lawn. The key to this is to do it before a rainfall, otherwise watering will be required to help the seed take (be sure to follow manufacturer’s application instructions).

Being the start of the season, what should I be doing to clean up my lawn after a long winter?

Spring cleanups are an important aspect of lawn health, and there are a couple of tasks that really improve lawn health.

  • Power Raking. Power raking is simply removing the dead and built-up thatch that is in every lawn. Grass clippings breaking down is actually good for the lawn as it releases nitrogen, but every spring it is good to remove those old grass clippings and start fresh. This is especially important if you mulch your grass versus bagging it. Power raking can be done by hand, but it is best to use an actually power rake, and a bit easier on the muscles and joints!

  • Aerating. Aerating is punching small holes into your lawn to break up compaction and allow the soil to breath more. If you have a lawn that is heavily trafficked by humans, wildlife, vehicles, and what have you, it will be compacted. Even heavy-snow winters and frost aid in compaction. When aerating, the machine should pull small plugs out of the ground. It is important to leave those plugs on the lawn as they will break down within the first few mows and provide additional nitrogen to the soil. Spring is also the best time to do your first fertilizer application and do some over-seeding.

Is raking my yard in the fall really good for my lawn?

In reality, fall cleanups do not hurt your lawn, but it is better to mulch the leaves as much as possible in the fall, and clean the remaining leaves in the spring when you do a spring cleanup. Fall cleanups are mainly for aesthetic purposes.

How can people safely do yard work during the pandemic?

Keep social distancing in mind when you are out mowing your lawn. Be mindful of your neighbours and ensure you’re keeping the recommended two-metre distance (or more) between yourself and others.

Want some more advice? Call Keith at 204-213-0287 or email info@greeninspirationslandscaping.ca.