Why Cam Harland Loves the World of Realty


Cam Harland discovered Lac du Bonnet when his family bought a cottage here when he was six. He grew to love it so much that he’s now a full-time resident and recently took over as the proud new owner of John Angus Realty. This past summer formally marked a year since Harland took over the business. Continue reading “Why Cam Harland Loves the World of Realty”


5 Things to Remember when Heading out onto the Highway

Derrick and Cori Tumak operate Lac Du Bonnet Towing.

Derrick Tumak has one of the most demanding jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. “I get to help people each and every day, when they most need it. Being stuck along a highway or down a back road in rural Manitoba can be really scary. I love being the guy who shows up to help get them out of a jam,” says the owner of Lac Du Bonnet Towing, family owned and operated by Derrick and his wife Cori for the past 23 years. Continue reading “5 Things to Remember when Heading out onto the Highway”